Famous-Musicians-from-New-Jersey-eMusic-2012-thumb-600x600-64690New Jersey is a mecca of diversity on several fronts; industry, religion, landscape and culture. We have a bit of everything. And nothing represents that more than our music. New Jersey has bred some of the best and brightest musical game-changers the world has ever seen: Bruce Springsteen, Whitney Houston, Frank Sinatra, Jon Bon Jovi, Sarah Vaughn, Paul Simon, Lauren Hill, Count Basie, Wayne Shorter, Frankie Valli, Dionne Warwick, and many, many more. Why? Because there’s life and vibrancy built into the fabric of who we are and music is a natural extension of that. With so much awesomeness – we need to display it, support it and nurture it.


Who doesn’t have a favorite song that transports them to a lasting memory?! It makes us better as a people; a state; a country. It’s nice to be able to download or view performances online but experiencing it in person, with everyone being in the moment and zone … priceless. Those of you able to see burgeoning superstars Bon Jovi or Springsteen live performance before they became household names can easily testify to that. If you weren’t of that fortunate few… imagine it! And I challenge you to ask yourselves: How could My Chemical Romance get started without a live audience?


Today’s digital revolution changes so many things. We are now able to hold virtual meetings from our smartphones, catch up with our favorite shows through our car’s Wi-Fi and download a century’s worth of music to the cloud so we can listen to it whenever and wherever we wish. This technological flexibility has made it easier to lose ourselves in research, prep work, game play, binge watching, even sexting! However, it causes us to retreat from physical social interaction. That’s where NewJerseyLiveMusic.com comes in.


NewJerseyLiveMusic.com is here to pull you out of online interaction and into real physical interaction so you can enjoy and experience life – one heartbeat/ drumbeat at a time! We just provide the platform that shows you where to go, who to see and when to see it.


Welcome to NewJerseyLiveMusic.com! Your source for New Jersey’s Live Music.