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Newark’s Live Music Month Celebrations are HERE!!

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Go to for more information on the festivities.


If you speak with any Newarker above the age of 60 about Newark’s past, they’ll share with you fond memories of Newark’s former glory. Newark stood on its own, in everything. Newark wasn’t New York’s “backyard” or punch line. Newark was New York’s competitor. Newark was vibrant and elegant, yet raw. And Newark’s entertainment kept New York on its toes. Newark stood on its own in talent; in style; and in respect. However, that musical vibrancy has been missing for quite some time. The riots of the 60s had come and gone – and sadly took that legacy with it. There is such amazing development going on in Newark on so many platforms, yet local music seems to lag behind. We can’t let that happen.


I am Shy Hopkins. I am a singer/ songwriter and the Owner/ Founder of is a one-stop platform highlighting and promoting live music performances throughout NJ.  Newark is the home of


As a musician, I was accustomed to performing in NYC.  After all, anyone serious about their craft would be … or so I thought.  I never considered performing closer to home.  I foolish was I?!  My family and friends shouldn’t have to go to Manhattan to see me perform. So, I decided to work on getting gigs closer to home.  But as I surveyed local venues and musicians, I found few options; and even fewer opportunities. At the same time, while speaking with these same people – I consistently heard of how nice it was ‘back in the day’. I came to enjoy their vivid flashbacks as they described how they used to hop from venue to venue to perform and/or support other musicians as they played. Apparently, they weren’t alone! More and more people felt the same way! Of course, there is Symphony Hall, NJPAC and the Rock for well – known and established acts but very few for “homegrown/ still-home talent.” I want to bring that aspect back but upgrade it to ‘Version 2.20 and Beyond’! I want to keep incoming business people here for a few more hours; and travelers here for a few more days! I want to spur creativity and venue battles! I want to incite traffic jams and parking wars! I want to bring Newark’s live music scene to the trending sites and front pages; in digital and print! I hope you share this excitement because this could be a really, really cool thing!


I’m sure you’re wondering – how can this be done? is working with various venues and stakeholders to bring Newark’s Live Music Scene back!  This is exciting stuff!  Stay tuned and join in!  This is going to be amazing!



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