Love Sees All: A Creative Call to Action

Love Sees All: A Creative Call to Action

Published On June 16, 2016 | By Shy | Blog

It’s about 11:30 at night – on the evening of the Orlando Nightclub Shooting.  Yet again, forced to face another day where deeply seated emotions come seething out.  Litigators argue over the availability of automatic weapons in the hands of the populace; protesters fight to proclaim how black lives equate with others; and people stand together to protect their lives around the adage “love is blind”.  All this – while blood paints the street, cries color the wind and tears water the ground.


We face so much pain as people. We all want the same things: safety, happiness, love, life.  Yet we all struggle to get it.  And many die trying to keep it.  Sadly, it feels like it’s getting worse.  I thought Columbine was bad; 9/11 was bad; Katrina was bad; the Boston Massacre was bad; Sandy Hook was bad; but today is the culmination.  Why?  Why is this still a thing?  Why isn’t this a conversation about an example of how bad it could have gotten if we didn’t take action and change our future? Why couldn’t this be some chapter of a well-articulated novel or movie scene?  Why is this our reality?  With all of our technology and history and connectivity – why is this real?


As a creative person, I speak for myself out of shame and disgust. Because we’re supposed to be better than this.  As a people, we were supposed to have evolved farther than this.  And as someone equally blessed and cursed with the ability to write, sing, draw – I innately have the ability to help incite progress.  Blessed by being able to share thoughts and emotions but cursed by the drive and sleepless nights needing to shed those same thoughts and emotions.  Understandably, I cannot change the world alone.  But I can open my heart and mind and release the thoughts, fears, concerns, loves, desires, aspirations, disgusts, disappointments that are shared by so many.  I can shake off preconceived notions of how others will see me or behave, turn off the filter and freely tell my truth.  I can shed my personal shame, grow some massive cojones and challenge us all to move forward … together.  And that is what I will do.  Because something is missing.  Something is off.  Something is terribly wrong.


So, to all of you who are as I – blessed and cursed with the ability to relay your thoughts and emotions via song or pen or visual art or image or dance or whatever your outlet – I challenge you – DO SOMETHING!  We are here for a reason.  Define that reason!  Take action and speak your truth – whatever it may be.  No matter what it looks or sounds like – give it life.  You are needed.  We are needed.  Your voice is needed, so speak.  Stop shaking your head and blaming someone else for the ills of our society – do something to make it better.  Do something to make us better.  If you’re afraid, or ashamed, or angry, or confused, or happy, or grateful – speak it.  Say it.  Live it.  Own it.  And if something needs changing – change it.


Do something.  Be something.  Change something.  Create something.  Challenge something.  Together – we can make a difference.  Together – we can change the world.  Together – we are the world.  So, let’s make it a world that’s as beautiful as it should be – for us all.


Please be blessed, be safe, be well and be love.

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